The Home Center’s mission is to further equal access to affordable, sustainable and healthy housing.

The Home Center would become the place all residents utilize to gain access to resources to obtain the housing of their choice.

The Home Center began as a response to the 2012 Billings, Montana Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.

A housing resource center is a proven successful tool to expand housing choice and promote diversity inclusion in all neighborhoods. Community surveys also detail the need for a housing resource center, where 35% of respondents indicated that there were housing services they looked for and couldn’t find. 95% of survey takers said they would utilize the Home Center.

Currently the housing market is strong, with a national rise in first time home buyers, but many people lack the resources to take part in the American Dream. The Home Center can help everyone achieve their goals of finding the housing that’s right for them.

The Home Center

phone: 406-206-2717