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The purpose of the First Time Homebuyer Education class is to teach potential homeowners about the process of purchasing a home. The successful completion of the First Time Homebuyer Class is often a requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs.


Our Homeownership Center provides the foundation and support you need for sustainable homeownership. Count on us for 1:1 advising, financial coaching, and in-person & online courses.


Whether purchasing your first home, exploring options to refinance, or seeking assistance to help make your mortgage payment, our Lending Team will help you decide what product or program is right for you.


We all know a home is more than four walls and a roof. We work with you one-on-one to guide you through the entire home buying process.

A Success Story: The Hope family

Meet the Hope family, featured in this article in The Billings Gazette.

A Success Story: Margarita

Dreams do come true.

As a young girl, Margarita dreamed of owning her own home. When her own daughters, Itzu and Eztli, were born, her dream of homeownership became even more pronounced. Margarita began to explore her options, and her realtor, Tim Hudson, recommended the First-Time Homebuyer Education class.

At the class she attended in March 2014, she learned about the process of homeownership from start to finish. The information she obtained was extremely valuable and it was at this class she found out about the Savings for Tomorrow program, an Individual Development Account which teaches individuals the importance of saving. When the account reaches $1000, it is matched with $4000 for a total of $5000 which can be used towards purchasing a home.

Margarita took advantage of the free one-on-one pre-purchase counseling appointment offered by The Home Center. Together, with her certified housing counselor, an Action Plan was developed which included steps to improve her credit score and to apply for down payment assistance programs. Loan products which are available for first-time homebuyers were also explained.

In October 2015, Margarita became pre-approved by her lender, Sara Maines at First Interstate Bank and she began looking at houses. In November 2015, she closed on her home! When asked how homeownership has changed her life compared to renting, Itzu and Eztli replied they are grateful to have their own bedrooms which they can paint their favorite colors. Margarita can hang pictures on the walls and is thankful her daughters can play without worrying about being too noisy for downstairs neighbors.

When asked why she would recommend The Home Center to a first-time homebuyer, Margarita stated, “The Home Center believed homeownership was possible and encouraged me. The information is so helpful and the people who work at The Home Center are nice and easy to work with.”

Best of all, they have a new addition to their family: a puppy named Jack.

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