HRDC’s 2021, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

HRDC’s VITA Program, (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) will begin processing 2020 tax returns on January 25, 2021. VITA will begin accepting appointments beginning January 4. COVID-19 protocol requires a different process for this year’s applicants. Once an appointment has been scheduled, the participant will receive a release form, intake form, and a tax checklist. These items will be sent via email, or stamped letter. You will indicate your preference when you make the appointment. The VITA participant will then meet with a tax volunteer for a 15 minute intake meeting. At that time you will be required to provide a signed release, and the tax documents identified on the tax checklist. The tax volunteer working with you on your returns must have these items to complete your tax filing.
At the intake meeting, a certified tax volunteer will go over your checklist, collect your documents and scan them into your file. Following the intake meeting, a tax volunteer will complete your return on a separate day. Once your return is finished, you will be contacted to schedule either a virtual or in-person review where you will sign your return allowing for the electronic filing of your completed return.
It is important to understand that the VITA tax volunteers will prepare your state and federal returns for 2020 only. Your filing for all other years and or amendments that you make to your return must occur after tax season. The income threshold for 2020, which is the maximum amount you can earn and still participate in this program is $57,000. If you have a simple return and want to self-file, you can go to This free website is provided by a partnership with United Way and HR Block.
COVID-19 protocol will be followed at all times including masking, social distancing, and a temperature check at the time of the appointment. If for any reason you are ill, please reschedule. To set an appointment time, call us at 406-247-4710.
Do your part, to help our community stay safe and well in 2021.


We all know a home is more than four walls and a roof.  The Home Center’s Housing Counselor will meet with clients one-on-one to help guide individuals and families on the path to homeownership.  Counselors will support each participant throughout the home buying process.


The purpose of the First Time Homebuyer Education class is to teach prospective homeowners about the process of purchasing a home.  Upon completion of this training, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuts and bolts of securing housing from local housing industry experts. The successful completion of the First Time Homebuyer Class is often a requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs.

Our Financial Capability classes are a great tool for anyone looking to take control of their personal financial well-being.