First Time Homebuyer Education 

The purpose of First Time Homebuyer Education is to teach potential homeowners about the process of purchasing a home. The successful completion of a First Time Homebuyer Course is often a requirement for many down payment assistance and loan programs. This is a great program for both new and experienced home buyers and provides a good opportunity to become a more educated home buyer and homeowner. The course is offered in-person or online.

Topics include:

  • Budgeting for your household and determining affordability
  • Understanding and evaluating your credit and how to use credit wisely
  • Understanding the title insurance and closing process
  • Working with a real estate agent who really grasps your needs and price range
  • Understanding the scope and value of home inspections
  • Choosing insurance policies
  • Maintaining your home so it continues to be an appreciating asset

If you have special needs such as those covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act please let us know and we can make accommodations for you.

Homebuyer Education classes are funded in part by the Montana Board of Housing, NeighborWorks Montana, and philanthropic donors.

IN PERSON course: Use this link to reserve your seat for the HUD Certified Home Buyer Education Course

  • Paperwork will be emailed to you. The $50 Payment paperwork must be received the week before the date of the course you choose.

ONLINE COURSE: eHome America is a HUD Certified online course. Use this following link and the limited time coupon code THEHOMECENTER24, and it will cost only $75!

  •  You will receive your certificate upon completion of a personal, 1-on-1 Pre Purchase appointment.
  •  After you complete eHome, you will be sent a link to schedule your appointment using Calendly

Budget Coaching

HRDC’s Home Center offers one-on-one budget coaching provided by a trained budget coach. Together, we will work to improve money management skills!

Budget coaching topics can include:

  • Goals and Visioning
  • Spending plans
  • Savings
  • Improving Credit
  • Rental counseling

Click this link to book your appointment: