Our housing counselor can help guide you on the path to homeownership and support you throughout the home buying process.

A certified advisor can help you:

  • Build or improve credit
  • Evaluate your spending and saving choices
  • Create a realistic budget
  • Identify down payment assistance options
  • Determine how much house you can afford
  • Understand your mortgage options

This valuable service is provided free of charge. Request an appointment, or call us at (406) 206-2717 for more information.

Take the Financial Literacy Quiz

The FINRA1 Investor Education Foundation study shows that among young millennials – those 18 to 26 – only 18 percent were able to answer four or five basic financial literacy questions correctly.

How financially literate are you?

Take this simple five question quiz designed by FINRA1 Investor Education Foundation. After you take the quiz each question is explained.

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1FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA.org